Nice to meet you!

My name is Gregory and I am a wedding and couples photographer.

I start each day with a cup of aromatic and strong coffee. I have a wonderful wife and son and a cat named Leica (just like the camera brand) who inspire and encourage me to act.

Now that you've met me as a human, I will now talk about my work, which is also my passion. I have been professionally involved in wedding photography for several years. My task is to capture emotions and unforgettable moments in the life of young couples. I love working with people who have a sincere affection. I always try to capture people in love as they really are. I'm not asking for a smile, I'm waiting for it to appear alone. I take photos the way I feel, without unnecessary directing and setting photos. My works are in the cinematic, poetic and street photography style.

Why "Believe in true moments"? Only real and unique moments presented in the photographs are able to capture this unique, emotional moment. The story I created, recorded in the pictures, will evoke beautiful memories of the most important day in your life for years.
I take wedding photos of newlyweds from Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland, but for you I am able to reach even the very end of the world!




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